Sl. No. 285; Saaramaina; Bihaag; Jhampa; Padam; Telugu
Artist:Madurai T N Seshagopal

Enough of your uttering fruitful words?
Oh one with lotus eyes! We are very happy. Good!
Moon has risen. That lady is lucky since she got your compassion. You are handsome like CUPID! But my fate is like this!
Don't you have any compassion for me, who is hit by the arrows of CUPID? I am completely drowned in this ocean of VIRAHA-pang of separation.
Oh my Lord! Please listen to my plea. I am completely depending up on you. Oh the one bearing the lotus in the navel and reclining on the serpent bed-ADISESHA.

(Translation by Dr. T.K Govinda Rao)