Sl. No. 283; Saa Paramavivasa; Ghanta ; Aadi ; Varnam; Saanskrit.

Your friend, the lotus-eyed one is very forlorn. Now she desires to play amorous sport with you.
But, you are attracted towards the feet of SRILAKSHMI. Alas! Oh PADMANABHA!
Lotus-faced! You are the one with boundless, beautiful and sweet words. You are wearing a fragrant garland of flowers like MARU, DAVANA, and lotus
She is awaiting you, imagining your lovely smile.
You are pretty as lotus.
You have the look which can kindle all sorts of desires in this world.
You are the salvation from miseries and you are worshipped by GARUDA.
You are bedecked with stringed pearls and gems that shine. Bouts of laughter come to her when she dreams of having amorous sports with you through out the night; you are a man of virtues; can't you fulfil her desires? Oh the matchless one! One who walks with the gait of an elephant.
You are not responding though she is pleading. You protect the wise; you are equal to Cupid and your feet are worshipped by celestials; you use GARUDA as your vehicle; you have the history of BRAHMA worshipping you. You are adept in bestowing good fortune.
You enjoy the company of your sincere devotees and you gave salvation to GHANTAKARNA one of the SIVAGANA-s

(Translation by Dr. T.K Govinda Rao)