Sl. No.28; Bhaavayaami raghuraamam; Raagamaalika; Aadi; Keerthanam; Saanskrit.
Note. This composition is a summary of Ramayana and was originally set completely in Saveri. Since by usual practice all charanas are not sung (especially in Saveri, which in Kerala is used to refer to prolonged crying by babies !), Late Dr Semmangudi Sreenivasa Iyer converted this to a raga malika, which shot to fame with Dr M. S. Subbalakshmi popularizing it. The charanas are now sung in Natakurunji, Dhanyasi, Mohanam, Mukhari, Poorvi Kalyani, and madhyamavathi. Sri M.D. Ramanathan also took a liking to this raga maalika and often sang his mangalam 'Pava maanasa' in Sourashtram, cleverly morphing it into the Madhyamavathi charana of this raga malika.

I give my obeisance to RAGHURAMA-belonging to RAGHU dynasty, who is the personification of humility and noble virtues.
one who is effulgent with the most becoming side glance which bestows virtues.
One who belongs to the Sun dynasty, who in the process of protecting the YAGA oblation of VISTVAMITRA son of GADHI, annihilated SUBAHU and others. One who gave life to AHALYA the flawless one. Who broke the bow of SIVA, and became the beloved of JANAKA's daughter SITA; subdued the pride of wrathful PARASURAMA, the son of BHRGU and reached AYODHYA;
one has bound by the command of his father, went to forest along with SITA and LAKSHMANA by adjourning the coronation. One who is equipoised and most virtuous; visited the place of GUHA;gave the gem studded sandals PADUKA to BHARATA at CITRAKUTA. One whose form is as beautiful as Cupid.
One who killed the demon VIRADHA who lived in the forest; has the glory of possessing VAISHNAVASTRA the divine weapon given by sage AGASTYA; worshipped by JATAYU the king of birds; resided in PANCAVATI and killed the demon KHARA and others, who came to fight, instigated by the dreadful SURPANAKHA.
one who vanquished the wicked MARICA, who came disguised as golden deer; who in the process of searching for SITA, kidnapped by the atrocious ten-faced RAVANA, got aquatinted with ANJENEYA and SUGRIVA at the banks of river PAMPA and annihilated BALI.
One who gave ANJANEYA the gem studded ring, brilliant like hundreds of suns , to be given to SITA;received the exclusive head ornament-GUDAMANI, sent by SITA through ANJANEYA.Oh the lord of wealth! you accepted VIBHISHANA who surrendered unto you.
One who is glorified for the construction of SETU; vanquisher of wicked and dreadful demons; severed the ten-headed RAVANA; embodiment of valor; went to SAKETA along with SITA who was holified by fire; and was crowned. Protector of universe, SRIPADMANABHA!.

(Translation by Dr. T.K Govinda Rao)