Sl. No. 278; Saamini pondu; Sankaraabharanam; Misra Chapu; Padam; Telugu.

Oh My Lord! I long for you. Why do you dilly dally me?
You are the one who fulfil all my desires. You are the embodiment of compassion.
Is it not strange? I have heard about your excellences many times and believed that you are a good sport. Why are you so stubborn? Let me touch your feet.
Due to the arrows of MANMATHA my heart is hurt, Shall I be able to sleep at night? Will my longing for you be fulfilled? Oh one who stole my sleep? Is it fair on your part to be cruel to us ladies?
Is it required to tell you thousand times who already knows every thing. Oh father of Cupid!, the one with eyes like lotus-petals, PADMANABHA! My beloved spouse! Please come and be with me.

(Translation by Dr. T.K Govinda Rao)