Sl. No. 277; Saami ninne; Yadukula kaambhoji; Aadi ; Varnam; Telugu.

Oh Lord! I believed in you. Why are you angry with me?
Oh KAMALANABHA! Progenitor of Cupid! Please show me compassion without delay and protect me.
The Cupid is torturing me by aiming his arrows at me. Please be merciful to me. I am undergoing the cruel pangs of separation. Please listen to me and protect.
Why are you so stubborn?
Your feet are my refuge.
Just like the CATAKA bird, which looks up at the cloud, I keep looking at you. This is the right time for you to save me.
Listening to the humming for bees and cooing of cuckoos I become more restless and long for you. So kindly come to me.
Oh Lord, gently smear sandal paste on my bosom with your lotus like hands and decorate my tresses with fragrant flowers. Do embrace tightly and offer me your lips. Is it fair on your part to do nothing inspite of my prayers?

(Translation by Dr. T.K Govinda Rao)