Sl. No. 276; Saamajendra; Bhoopaalam ; Aadi ; Keerthanam; Saanskrit.
Sri Ambalappuzha Vijayan.

The one who allays the fear of king-elephant; eyes like that of the bloomed lotuses; my salutations to the bestower of boons.
One who destroys the clan of formidable enemies; your form is effulgent like Cupid; who has feet as soft as the trumpet flower, pale red in color.
The one who is an embodiment of compassion; resembles rain-laden cloud; as benevolent as the celestial tree-KALPAKAVRKSHA to the devotees who worship his feet; praised by sages like NARADA & TUMBURU; a face like autumnal moon; receptacle of all auspicious attributes; your exploits are sung by BRAHMA and others.
One who enjoyed the playful pleasure on the banks of river YAMUNA; the Lord who dwells in the lotus-hearts of the sages like SANAKA; who lifted the mountain MANDARA; the one who fulfils the desires. Oh PURUSHOTTAMA! The conqueror of demon MADHU! you are to the cycle of existance, what fire is to forest.
The one who sorrounded by the cowherds and also appears in different glorious forms; the son of VASUDEVA; the one who destroys PUTANA in an outburst of anger; one who protects the good and destroys innumerable sins; who is a refuge to everyone in this universe. Oh PADMANABHA! One who removes the fear of those who surrenders.

(Translation by Dr. T.K Govinda Rao)