Sl. No. 274; Saadhu vibhatam; Bhoopaalam; Aadi ; Varnam; Saanskrit
Binni Krishnakumar.

Oh MADHAVA! Son of NANDA! Wake up! Pleasant morning has dawned.
Blue-hued PARAMAPURUSHA-the consciousness incarnate, conqueror of multitude of demons, you are the supreme master of the universe.
Oh SAGARASAYANA!-Reposed in the ocean-with soft pink feet like the trumpet flower, the one with beautiful lips, brother of BALARAMA, your face is like the lotus-flower. Oh sweet smiling one! GARUDA is your mount. Remover of grief, you are as enchanting in beauty as Cupid and you are the essence of his flowery arrows.
You are to sins, what fire is to forest.
You dispel fear of those who seek refuge at thy feet.
You excel in cutting asunder the miseries. You are like PARIJATA-the wish yielding heavenly tree-and you are to enemies what snake is to wind.
Protector of sages, abode of compassion, you have attractive red lips like JAPA flower, you are a paragon of multitude of virtues, you destroyed MAGADHA king and the notorious serpent KALIYA.
You are praised by BRAHMA, you bestow auspicious grace by removing the miseries without delay. You protected the king elephant and your are adorned with garland of wild-flowers. You remove all the sorrows of cowherd-maidens, you are strong in controlling the community of demons; well disposed towards SIVA sporting the rope, you destroy the group of wicked rulers. You have a beautiful fore head.

(Translation by Dr. T.K Govinda Rao)