Sl. No.273; Saadhu tada nija; Thodi; Aadi ; Upaakhyanam; Saanskrit
Note: Prince Aswathi Thirunal sings this in Vakulabharanam (set to music by Dr M Balamuralikrishna).

At that time KUCELA saw his wife who was enchanting.
He saw her surrounded by female attendants singing and playing a variety of instruments.
She shed tears of joy on seeing her husband smiled softly at him.
She was dressed with costly clothes and was wearing expensive jewels.
She was offering obeisance to her husband's feet in heart, and came to him with a gait resembling an elephant.
She was radiant like divine damsel due to experiencing the nectarine shower of compassion of Lord PANKAJANABHA.

(Translation by Dr. T.K Govinda Rao)