Sl. No. 271; Saadaramiha; Madhyamaavathi; Aadi ; Varnam; Saanskrit.
Artist: Binni Krishnakumar.

I meditate on you with reverence. The supreme being who is praised by scriptures.
One who is praised by SAMAVEDA with devotion and is without blemish. One whose beauty surpasses the cupid; the protector of elephant and the one who reclines on the serpent.
The protector of the three worlds!
One who has none equal in dispelling the sins.
One who was praised by LAKSHMI. One who had the compassion of PARVATI and is equal to the celestial tree- PARIJATA.
Your lotus feet are worshipped by ARJUNA-the son of PANDU; annihilator of demons; the most auspicious and the supreme one!
Destroyer of the permanent enemies like KAMA, KRODHA etc. one who delights with LAKSHMI; beautiful as red flower; shining with beautiful teeth and adorning attractive garments; one who is saluted by INDRA and other eminent ones and is nonpareil.
Protector of the three worlds; face like that of lotus; held aloft the mountain and the refuge to the sages.

(Translation by Dr. T.K Govinda Rao)