Sl. No. 270; Saadaramava; Sarasvati; Aadi ; Keerthanam; Saanskrit
Artist: Dr. Mini.

Oh Lord RAMA! pray protect me with your kindness. You the nonpareil supreme lord, bestow on me good fortune.
You confer joy on those who worship your feet, SRI PADMANABHA! you are adorned with vermilion mark on your forehead.
Your face is more beautiful than that of autumnal full moon, you allay the fear of all in the universe. You are of smiling countenance. You destroyed demons like KHARA and others, you sport bow and arrows in your arms. Your eyes are like lotus petals. May you be victorious! You who remove the malefic effects of KALI.
The beauty of your forehead surpasses that of crescent moon. Your feet are worshipped by a host of celestials inclusive of INDRA. You are to RAVANA, what GARUDA is to serpent. Oh the treasuretrove of virtues! please guide me as how to worship your lotus feet.
You sport a gem-studded crown. The beauty of your form subdues that of Cupid. You are in the company of NALA, HANUMAN and a host of monkeys, Pray abide in my heart oh one who subdued the pride of ocean!

(Translation by Dr. T.K Govinda Rao)