Sl. No. 269; Saadaramava; Surutti; Aadi; Keerthanam; Saanskrit
Smt. Rajasree Warrier.

Please protect with honour Oh! the one who has beautiful eyes like the lotus petal and the one who dispels the worldly fear of all the good people.
Oh MADHAVA! Your feet are worshipped by the host of celestials and sages; oh PADMANABHA, the embodiment of compassion!
One who held aloft the mountain for the welfare of the cow herds; having charming teeth like the jasmine buds; the beacon light of the YADU dynasty; having the hue of the clouds; nectar like speech; bestower of prosperity to the hapless, oh the supreme being!
One who killed the mightily armed dreadful king of MAGADHA with rage; your tresses are adorned with fragrant flowers; Oh SRI RAMANA! your fore head adorned with musk; the bestower of boons; You dispel the sins of the devotees.
Oh the progenitor of Cupid! Annihilator of the demon MURA! Fulfil my desire. You recline on the serpent! oh the unparallel one! obliterator of the afflictions of the earth; personification of wisdom; the face as charming as the moon and the remover of the fear of good people!

(Translation by Dr. T.K Govinda Rao)