Sl. No.261; Reena madaanuta; Bihaag; Aadi ; Keerthanam; Saanskrit.
Prof. Neyyattinkara Mohanachandran.

Protect me, the one devoid of ego. Oh lord with lotus-like face! You delight in protecting the celestials, the beloved of RAMA! one who is reclining on the ocean!
You reduced the burden of the earth; expert in granting boons; vanquisher of the demon NARAKA; Oh PADMANABHA! Remover of the afflictions of worldly life & death!
You are, splendidly beautiful as the clouds; ocean of wisdom; please remain in my heart. You are praised by Lord SIVA; adorned with golden attire; dwells in ANANTAPURA; subdued the pride of the great serpent KALIYA and delighted by dancing on its hood. You are like the gust of wind to the cloud-like KAMSA. Hail! Hail!
You are, beautiful like the god of love; destroyer of the array of demons; radiating with the garland of the gem KAUSTUBHA; the gem of the YADU dynasty; grants joy to KUCELA; one who delights on the banks of the river YAMUNA; you have the majestic gait of an elephant; mighty as an ocean and you are the destroyer of the demon MURA.
You have severed the hand of the demon BANA and adorned the king serpent in your hand; with your enchanting gentle smile, you delight playing on the flute; vanquisher of the demon MURA; thy feet are worshipped by the consort of VANI-the BRAHMA; annihilator of the demon CANURA; lotus-eyed and adorned with the charming peacock feather on your dark tresses.

(Translation by Dr. T.K Govinda Rao)