Sl. No.260; Reena madaadritha; Sri; Aadi ; Keerthanam; Saanskrit.

One who is worshipped by those who are devoid of arrogance. Oh the Lord of universe! One who dwells in SESHPURA; consort of LAKSHMI! Worshipped by Lord PARAMASIVA and INDRA. One who is brimming with the abundant essence of compassion.
One who severed the hand of BANA. Oh PADMANABHA! You shine like the fresh clouds. The savior of the king-elephant , one who got rid off anger and greed. Hail!
You dispel sins just as the wind disperses clouds. Protector of those who worship at your feet, oh exquisitely handsome Lord! You are the shelter to the whole universe; one who took the beautiful form of cowherd. You are adorned with divine bow and arrows; draped in golden attire and you are the king in annihilating the enemies.
One whose face is like the autumnal moon; possess beautiful teeth; your beauty excels Cupid. One who has a tender feet; dwells in the heart of NARANDA and others; One who has the bright smile; one who protects the hosts of devotees; the consort of BHUMIDEVI.
Progenitor of Cupid; most effulgent. One who possess beautiful teeth; tresses as beautiful as clouds; bestower of boons; walks with the gait of an elephant; protector of celestials; skilful in destroying the demon NARAKA.

(Translation by Dr. T.K Govinda Rao)