Sl. No.254; Raama vakhila; Begada; Misra Chapu; Varnam; Saanskrit.

Oh RAMA! The one who obliterates all the enemies; please protect me; oh SRI RAMA!
The charm of your form subdues that of Cupid. With your lotus-like hands, you wield the bow and arrow.
Your lustrous form is like the dark cloud. On your forehead shines the mark of KASTURI. Your gait is more majestic than that of an elephant in rut.
Your feet are revered by the wise who have renounced desires. You destroy multitude of sorrows. You protect even the oppressed ones. Protect me at once.
You removed the sin of AHALYA the wife of GAUTAMA.
Oh peerless Lord! You enjoy the company of goddess SITA seated on your left side.
You broke the bow of SIVA-who burnt Cupid-who has the fish-emblem on his flag. You subdue the unethical people. Your smile is nectarine.Your feet are worshipped by INDRA the leader of celestials. Your waist is adorned with shining silk. Your nose resembles the sesame flower. You have the glory of annihilating the demons like VIRADHA, and your arrows come back to you after hitting the target. You are praised by SIVA.
You are adept in decreasing even the heinous sins. Your feet are worshipped by celestials who always travel in space. You, whose tresses are adorned with fragrant white flowers, clear the confusion of your friend ARJUNA in the battle field.
You made it possible for the celestials to obtain the nectar while churning the milky ocean. You glance is capable of bestowing the desired boons on the kings. You are worshipped by a host of sages. Your face resembles the moon-the enemy of lotus. You subdued the pride of KAKASURA. You destroyed all the demons including RAVANA. You saved the king-elephant. You are surrounded by renowned monkeys lead by HANUMAN. Oh RAGHUVARA! Please shine in my heart.
You removed all the sins without any trace, of AHALYA the wife of sage GAUTAMA. You are adorned with shining golden ornaments. You manifested as SRI PADMANABHA and blessed people with total peace.

(Translation by Dr. T.K Govinda Rao)