Sl. No.250; Raama raama guna kusuma; Bhairavi; Aadi ; Keerthanam; Saanskrit.

Oh RAMA! You are the repository of fragrant flower like virtues. Your glory is to be rejoiced. Oh progenator of Cupid!
You won over PARASURAMA. Oh RAMA you belong to BIMBOKALAYA-the lineage of sun.
Great emperors worship your lotus feet. Oh the genesis of all the three worlds! You are the king of kings in archery and the beacon light of the sun dynasty.
You are waited upon by ANGADA the son of TARA. You conducted yourself impeccably according to the ethics of the world, when you heard through your spies the sentiments of your citizens. You are revered by your CARANAs-followers. You reduced the burden of the earth. You are adored by BRAHMA the consort of BHARATI.
You are revered by SIVA the enemy of KALA. You rejoice the company of SITA. Your arrow is, to the enemies what the whirlwind is to the cotton. You are like the shadow of tree offering shelter to good people.You are above criticism.
You discretely make one accomplish good virtues in this world. You are extold by INDRA. Sages in this world and others venerate you,. You destroyed the miseries of existence and rescued goddess SITA from captivity in ASOKA forest.
You are very bright as thousand suns; are the faithful husband of goddess SITA; gave refuge to SUGRIVA; gave happiness to KAUSALYA. You have the glory of extraordinary and unparalleled experience.
You are the sentiment and repository of all sentiments. Oh Illustrious Lord! Let me meditate on you. You are to the enemies what the fire is to the forest. The suzerain of the world! You annihilated RAVANA, who was formidable and made terrible sounds.
You remove the like and dislikes. You dazzle with beautiful garlands; have the hue of water bearing clouds and have the red rays of various hues of the clouds. You are SRI PADMANABHA!

(Translation by Dr. T.K Govinda Rao)