Sl. No.239; Pari paalaya maam; Reethi Gaula; Roopaka; Keerthanam; Saanskrit.
Prof. Vayyankara Madhusoodhanan.
This very popular piece was the favourite of M D Ramanathan. There is a Thyagaraja Krithi with similar starting sahithya (Pari paalaya Pari Paalaya - which was again favourite of MDR). Sri G N Balasubramonyam, Madurai Mani Iyer, T. V. Sankara narayanan, Dr. Semmangudi and many other musicians have sung this.

Oh Lord PADMANABHA! The enemy of MURA! Please protect me.
Oh Lord with shining face, which resembles the autumnal moon, you are ever eager to help those who surrender at your feet. You are worshipped by BRAHMA and INDRA.
Your long eyes resemble the red lotus. Your form is exquisitely beautiful. You held aloft the mountains and supported the earth; you are resplendent with the TULASI garland. You are to the fierce and ruthless demons, what the forest fire is to a dense forest.
Your majestic gait is like that of an elephant in youthful vigor. You are adorned with shining robes like molten gold. You are ever present in the lotus hearts of sages. You are adoened with pricelee gem studded crown.
Your dark form resembles the rain bearing clouds. You allay the fears of the celestials. You are adored by SIVA, the consort of the daughter of the mountains-PARVATI. This is the opportune moment oh Lord, to take away all my miseries.

(Translation by Dr. T.K Govinda Rao)