Sl. No.237; Pari paahi mamayi; Kalyaani; Chaapu; Keerthanam; Saanskrit.
Artist: Sri Ayamkudi Mani.

Oh the supreme being! Lord PADMANABHA! MURARE, do protect me.
The one who removes the fear and miseries of mother earth who surrenders to Him; having the hue of the emerald; sporting a bow and the ears adorned with gem-studded fish-shaped ear rings.
One who fulfills the desires of the celestials; having face like the full moon; worshipped by ascetics like NARADA; remover of the fear of GAJENDRA who worshipped Him; having form like that of water laden clouds and the charming form praised by BRAHMA and SIVA. You are like the sun in removing the darkness of miseries; one who reclines on the serpent and has GARUDA as vehicle. Hail! Hail!
One who frightened the KALAYAVANA, the foe of the YADAVA-s; adorned with divine KAUSTUBHA and gem studded ornaments; one who pleased LAKSHMI; effulgent and adept in wearing the shining ornaments; soft of speech; adorning TILAKA on the forehead; feet like lotus; excels Cupid in beauty; one who puts an end to the miseries of the people who surrender to Him; one who has the glory of having charming face and good virtues. HAIL! HAIL!
The one, who bestows the wishes of those who worship. Oh Lord! The supreme being! He sports bow and arrows! The immaculate lord of the universe! One who rides on GARUDA who is the enemy of the cluster of serpents; one who enjoys bestowing prosperity; an embodiment of pure sentiments! Protector of the eminent ones! one who held aloft the mountain to protect His people and, one who played on the banks of river yamuna. Hail! Hail!

(Translation by Dr. T.K Govinda Rao)