Sl. No.234; Parama purusham; Lalitha panchamam; Khanda Chapu; Keerthanam; Saanskrit.
This rare raga is believed to have been first used by Swathi.

OH My heart! Contemplate on PARAMAPURUSHA-the supreme being.
The one who creates varieties of musical nuances of the RAGA LALITAPANCHAMA through His flute.
You took birth as man because of the desire and virtuous deeds of DEVAKI, VASUDEVA and others. One who protected the celestials and he is unconquerable; one with the hue of clouds. You protected the dignity of DRAUPADI-born out of fire, One who grants the boons to those who worship You and you glitter with spotless teeth.
You are nectar which removes the desires from the heart of cowherd maidens; sing sweetly and the destroyer of those who are a burden to mother earth. SRIPATI! Your feet are meditated upon by sages with pure mind. Your glorious lotus feet redeems people from all miseries. You are worshipped by BRAHMA.
One who won over the demons in this battle; worshipped by everyone in the world; having a history of being adept in destroying all the sins of the world; an everlasting supreme being; having your lotus-petal-like eyes brim with compassion. Oh KAMALANABHA! You remove the root cause of this endless worldly life.

(Translation by Dr. T.K Govinda Rao)