Sl. No.232; Parama bhadrakara; Dvijaavanthi; Aadi ; Keerthanam; Saanskrit.
This kriti is on Panchanadeeswara, Thiruvayyar.

Oh SRI PANCANADISA lord of the five rivers! You bestow all auspicious things. You enter the mind of all those who worship you.
You drench with your compassionate glance and remove the miseries of those helpless devotees who seek refuge at your feet.
I pray to you placing my implicit faith that you are the sole refuge for the whole world. Yet, I suffer this unbearable affliction of this cycle of birth & death. Oh Lord! How is this justified? You are creator for all these mountains, oceans and multitude of various types of creations consisting of sentient and the insentience. Oh Lord! You being the suzerain of this world, won't you have the power to destroy heaps of my sins and bless me with good fortune?
Upon seeing the dreadful poison KALAKUTA, all the celestials ran for skelter in all directions, even without knowing which direction they were running! You just playfully swallowed it and protected the three worlds. You are NILAKANTHA, You removed the fear of the entire world. Peerless Lord! Marvellous supreme spirit! You have an eye on your fore head. Oh PARAMESVARA! Does it require a great effort on your part to grace me with a little of your sidelong glances? You are venerated by emperors as supreme power.
With great compassion, you rescued the son of an ascetic from the rope tied on him by the god of death. You punished the one who committed this blunder with wrath. Then you attracted with your side glance, that child, who was trembling with fear and bowing before you. Immaculate Lord! Oh Embodiment of knowledge! Your story is sung by celestials. You nourish those who are caught in the cycle of birth & death. Are you justified neglecting the most indigent servant of yours?

(Translation by Dr. T.K Govinda Rao)