Sl. No.231; Paramaatmaiva; Abhang; Saanskrit. Note: Details unknown.

Do perceive this whole creation as nothing but the manifestation of the supreme spirit. Alas! It is an illusion to limit the glory of God to only a name or a form. This is just as futile as believing that man can be represented by a form made from wood. If one places his implicit faith at the pure lotus feet of Lord PADMANABHA, he will obtain bliss.
How can one not get bliss while associating oneself with His feet which removes all illusions? That association cleanses the enemies like the desire and anger originating in the mind. It destroys lust, which is like forest fire and lights the lamp of enlightenment that gives bliss to the mind. One who serves the feet of Lord PADMANABHA will gain all these benefits without any difficulty.
One who thus performs the ordained duties, placing his mind on Lord PADMANABHA, will enjoy the wealth of incomparable bliss and the supreme enlightenment. That word, praised by the scriptures and perceived through them is most venerable. Ascetics proclaim that word PADMANABHA with great joy.
Let my mind always revel in the name of Lord PADMANABHA, the manifestation of handsome HARI. May I rejoice His smiling visage. May I exult in His Lotus like eyes, and His neck adorned with shining KAUSTUBHA gem, robes brilliant like molten gold. May I revel in the beauty of His rich tresses resembling the dark cloud; He is the Lord of SYANANDURESA.

(Translation by Dr. T.K Govinda Rao)