Sl. No.229; Paramaakula hridayam; Saurashtram; Roopaka; Varnam; Saanskrit.
Smt. Binni Krishnakumar.

My already perplexed heart is still more afflicted by grief, some how protect me!
Oh AMBUJANABHA! You, who are suppose to be the protector of all the virtuous, have you no compassion while looking at the lotus face of the damsels?
You protect the subjects of the world with compassion; you are the eternal, praised by AJA-BRAHMA, HARA-SIVA and HARI-VISHNU; having the gait of the king-elephant; You reside in the hearts of praiseworthy ones; you are ever praised by the people of heavens; You vanquished the wicked; you are spotless. Oh MADHAVA! Bless me with prosperity.
Why you are behaving in this manner?
The Spring season in in bloom.
Your form excels that of Cupid; you have the king of birds as your vehicle; your feet are like lotus; face excels the moon in beauty. Oh PARAMAPURUSHA! The refuge of all being!
Praised by the sages; you grant nectar to those who worship at your lotus feet in this word; you are sincere in removing the miseries of the celestials; and you are like a thunderbolt in removing the miseries of all.
I am held in siege by the arrows of the Cupid, Your lips are red like the JAPA flower-red rose; you are the wild fire to the enemies of the celestials. With great concern you guide those who genuflect at your lotus feet, in righteous path. Your eyes resemble the lotus, your smile is gentle and pure. You are proclaimed by VEDA-s. Oh Supreme nonpareil! You are adept in bestowing the desired boons, on those who seek refuge in you with compassion.
Why you are behaving in this manner? You have the glory of being bestowed this beautiful kingdom by your maternal grand mother.

(Translation by Dr. T.K Govinda Rao)