Sl. No.228; Pannagendra shayana; Raagamaalika ; Roopaka; Padam; Saanskrit.
<Sangita Bharathi>.
this beautiful padam begins in Shankarabharanam and ends in Bhoopalam. Moving through Kamboji, Neelambari, Bhairavi, Thodi, Surutti and Nadanamakriya. Thus, it begins with an evening raga, goes through a selection of ragas suited for various "yaamams" of the night and ends in the morning raga.

Sankarabharanam: Oh Lord who reclines on the serpent! PADMANABHA! Your eyes resemble the lotus petals! Save me for I am forlorn with love.
Kambhoji: Oh Lord with teeth like jasmine buds!even the gentle breeze makes me feel exhausted, please discard your anger towards me at once.
Nilambari: Oh one worshipped by Indra! Alas! Even the sweet calls of the cuckoos and the parrots sound dreadful to me.
Bhairavi: your form resembles that of Cupid, Oh most compassionate lord, I have no other refuge, so do not make me object of scorn of other damsels!
Todi: Oh Lord your form is bewitchingly beautiful. The few moments I dreamt of you, then alone get respite from this burning desire, for a brief time.
Suruti: Your sacred and peerless lips are luscious and red like bimba fruit. You are adorned in golden robes! Your neck shines with great many garlands.
Nadanamakriya: Lord of god! Please embrace me passionately. Oh darling of RAMA! I meditate on your sidelong glance.
Bhupalam: Lord of the universe! Oh beautiful lord! Let me please thee with amorous sports. Oh my saviour, your gait resembles a lordly elephant! Reverentially I beseech thee.

(Translation by Dr. T.K Govinda Rao)