Sl. No.227; Pannagendra shaya; Ahari; Aadi ; Keerthanam; Saanskrit.

Oh HARI! Reposed on the serpent king, abode of matchless virtues, beloved of BHUDEVI and SRIDEVI! Protect me. Oh PADMANABHA! Sun and moon are your two eyes.
Oh MADHUSUDANA-vanquisher of the demon MADHU! Multitude of gods extol your glory that heal the afflictions of sins. Oh the Lord of the three worlds! Your face is as radiant as the full moon. Your feet are worshipped by INDRA and others.
You reside in the lotus-hearts of sages. You are honored by all, the sweet smile emenating from your ruby-red lips, wipes away all worldly sorrows. Oh savior of those seeking refuge in you! You are an extremely enchanting protector of the simple and the righteous. You are the vanquisher of the wicked. Your hair smells the fragrance of flowers. Like the sun that removes the darkness, you remove the darkness, you remove the fear and ignorance.
Armed with your sword NANDAKA, oh PURUSHOTTAMA! You vanquished multitude of enemies of the celestials. You are worshipped by the sages like SUKA, BHRGU and NARADA. Oh MRDUBHASHANA-the soft spoken! You have manifested a number of miraculous deeds including subjugation of BRAHMA's arrogance and holding aloft deftly the mountain MANDARA. Supremely invincible son of NANDAGOAPA! Your numerous sweet names are praiseworthy. Abode of compassion! Victory to you.
Oh SAURI! Your lips resemble the beauty of the BIMBA fruit; for those who take refuge at thy feet, you are KALPAKA tree. MURARI the destoyer of the demon MURA! You have the blue hue of water-bearing cloud; eagle king GARUDA is your vehicle; with the radiance of million Cupids, Oh HARI! You shine wearing garland of wild flowrs. You wear PITAMBARA the yellow robe, and adorned with ornaments like KAUSTUBHA, HARA, KANKANA & surrounded by TRIDASAJANAs the celestials (who have only the three stages of life viz. BALYA-the childhood, KAUMARA-the adolescence and YAUVANA-the youthfulness)

(Translation by Dr. T.K Govinda Rao)