Sl. No.220; Panchabananan tannudaya; Kaambhoji; Aadi ; Padam; Malayaalam.

Alas! Unable to tolerate the deceit by Cupid, my heart has become very turbulant.
Oh Darling! Fulfil my immense passion and be seated in my bed. Cool me by showering on me your moon like smile.
Oh my darling! without feeling shy and loosing even a second come immediately. Hold hand in hand and give life to me, the fragile one. Undo the desires caused by the arrows of Cupid and make me content.
The rays of moon, the fresh breeze, sandal paste, jasmine flowers, oh the virtuous one, worthy of worship, oh SUNDARANGA! are tossing me the most unfortunate one.
The crescent moon which feels ashamed looking at your beautiful forehead, is always hiding on the tresses of SIVA, with a diminished effulgence, oh BHULALAMA-the TILAKA of earth.
Oh one surpasses Cupid in beauty, Cupid is approaching me with his arrows of flowers and intensifying my desires aggressively showering them on me. By your romantic words fill my ears to the depth. Oh PADMANABHA adorned with PITAMBARA-the yellow attire.

(Translation by Dr. T.K Govinda Rao)