Sl. No. 22; Baajat murali; Pat Deep; Aadi ; Bhajan; Hindi.
Trivandrum K. Krishnakumar

One can hear the melody of flute on the banks of the beautiful river JAMUNA, where in the company of cowherds dances our dear Lord KRISHNA.
On His forehead shines the mark of vermilion-like the crescent moon. KRISHNA the embodiment of grace is adorned with the shining pearl necklace.
The celestials are worshipping the feet of Lord MUKUNDA, darling of NANDA, he is to the GOPIKAs, what the moon is to the bird CAKORA.
He shines brilliantly and is the Lord of the three worlds. His glory is sung by VEDAs as well as by His devotees all over the world.
His glory is praised in the melodious songs amidst the fascinating rhythmic SVARAs and beats. He, the compassionate HARI, is the vanquisher of the pride of the ASURAs
Oh brave GOPALA! You are the redeemer of the people who are dejected and miserable. You are the light in the darkness of misery. You are the Lord of Sridevi.
Oh PADAMANABHA! The hearts of the devotees jump like the deer on hearing the glory of thee. Everyone inclusive of celestials, kings, sages and GARUDA are entranced by thy glory.

(Translation by Dr. T.K Govinda Rao)