Sl. No.218; Padmanaabha palitebha; Malaya maarutam; Roopaka; Keerthanam; Saanskrit.
Trivandrum K. Krishnakumar.

Oh Lord PADMANABHA! You protected the elephant. You repose on the serpent. You are always engrossed in the welfare of the celestials. Please protect me.
You, unalloyed repository of all great virtues! You sport a smiling countenance. You, the vanquisher of KAMSA, bestow on your devotees auspicious things in abundance. You dwell in my heart.
Lord RAMACANDRA! you have the sun and the moon for eyes. Lord RAGHAVA! You destroyed the wicked RAVANA. You delight in bestowing the desired boons on those serene devotees. You possess dark and rich tresses. The Lord of the universe! Oh one without faults! You are kindly disposed towards celestials. You are the beloved of SITA the daughter of mother earth. Your form is resplendent like the rain-bearing clouds. You are beautiful like Cupid-the lord of love. You are adept in granting the desired boons to your devotees. Your face is as brilliant as the moon.
You are GOPABALA cowherd boy, you subdued the pride of BRAHMA who is seated on the flower. You have the glory of being sung by sages like VISVAMITRA, SAUNAKA and NARADA. You reside in the hearts of meditating sages. You held aloft the mountain. You protect those who worship you. Your forehead is beautiful. Oh the origin of everything! You gave a beautiful exposition of dance on the hood of the wicked serpent KALIYA. You are adored by PARAMASIVA. You bestow great prosperity. You are the redeemer from the cycle of birth & death.

(Translation by Dr. T.K Govinda Rao)