Sl. No.213; Paarvati naayaka; Bhoopaalam; Aadi ; Keerthanam; Saanskrit.
Artist Dr. T. M. Bhavana.

Oh Lord with an eye on the forehead, the spouse of goddess PARVATI! Please look after me.
You are the supreme master of the whole world. Your eyes resemble the lotus petals. Oh SANKARA! Grant me eternal happiness. On your matted locks shines GANGA. You deprived of DAKSHA from completing his YAJNA. Your neck shines dark due to consuming poison. You sport a deer in your hand. You annihilated the indomitable demon GAJASURA, the son of DITI. You are adorned a crescent moon on your head. You vanquished the Cupid, the one with five arrows.
Oh SAMBHO! You have the earth for your chariot and the sun and moon for wheels. You hold the mount MERU for bow. Oh, all pervading supreme lord! You are the protector of the hapless and destroyer of TRIPURA. Oh lord you are adorned with serpents on your arms.
Oh lord of all living beings! You revel in the forest of PUNNAGA. You have the glory of granting a great boon to ARJUNA, the son of INDRA. Protector of the universe. Oh Lord of the DEVA-s! do show a little kindness to me and remove my woes expeditiously, oh lord of all creations!

(Translation by Dr. T.K Govinda Rao)