Sl. No.209; Paalaya pankajanaabha; Ghanta; Aadi ; Keerthanam; Saanskrit.

Protect Oh PANKAJANABHA! The paragon of compassion; savior of DEVAs
You are worshipped by SIVA, BRAHMA and INDRA, and you adorn golden garments.
You destroyed the terrible demon community and you are the favorite of the GOPIKAs
You are as beautiful as the autumnal moon with a charming face and you are the embodiment of good virtues.
You have the king of birds-GARUDA whose feet are entwined by the snakes.
You have a neck which shines like a conch and you protect people of good virtues.
You have the sun and moon as your eyes and you adorn KASTURI on your forehead.
You have lips like the BIMBA fruit and you look marvelous.
You are wearing a beautiful crown and you sport in the lotus-like hearts of the sages.
You are resting on the serpent-king; meritorious to the host of devotees.
You are as majestic as the ocean. You are the originator as well as the universal monarch of the three worlds.You are the consort of LAKSHMI. Your cheeks are radiant with the effulgence from the gem-studded ear rings.
Oh progenitor of Cupid. Your neck is adorned with KAUSTUBHA gem and beautiful VANAMALA, garland of wild flowers.
Like the hurricane dispersing the clouds, you also destroyed the fear of the elephant.
You have eyes like red lotus and teeth like the jasmine bud. You are considerate to the sages.
You are the personification of bliss and you are to me what ocean is to waves.
You dwell in SYANANDURAPURA. You are the celestial tree to the devotees who fervently pray to you.

(Translation by Dr. T.K Govinda Rao)