Sl. No.208; Paalaya mam deva; Poornachandrika; Aadi ; Varnam; Saanskrit. Note: This kriti is on Siva of Sreekanteswaram, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala.

Oh Lord, the consort of PARVATI! Protect me.
You have an eye on your forehead.Oh SRIKANTHESVARA! Your feet resembles lotus. You are worshipped by BRAHAMA. You lead the company of celestials to destroy the demons. Oh compassion personified! You are the only master of the BHUTAGANA-s. Your presence adds beauty to mount KAILASA!
The luster of your form resembles the rays of the full moon.
You bestow more than what the mountains and oceans does. May you be victorious!
The flame emitted from your third eye burnt the form of Cupid.
During the churning the milky ocean by DEVA-s and ASURA-s, the dreadful poison emerged, upon seeing which every one ran halter skelter. You swallowed the dreadful poison just protect the entire world.
You confer empires upon your devotees. You remove their heaps of sins. You protect all the afflicted ones. Oh Lord! You allayed the fear of the son of the sage MRKANDU. You wear serpent as ornaments. You are full of auspicious attributes. You have the sacred bull as mount. Your from is smeared with sacred ash. Oh PURAHARA!
Your body shines like full moon. You are surrounded by BHUTAGANA-s. You are adored by SRI PADMANABHA. Please grant me bliss at once Oh Lord!

(Translation by Dr. T.K Govinda Rao)