Sl. No.206; Paalaya maadhava; Asaaveri; Aadi ; Keerthanam; Saanskrit.

Oh MADAVA! Protect me forever constantly with your grace.
Your forehand adorns the pure KASTURI TILAKA; you ride on GARUDA the enemy of serpent; Oh PADMANABHA! You are the Lord of the three worlds.
Your auspicious lotus feet will bring happiness forever, you destroyed the emperor of CEDI-SISUPALA; you are praised by INDRA; you are the refuge of the hapless; leader of YADAVA dynasty; adorned with the KIRITA shining like the sun; your face resembles the flawless moon and you have no equals.
You have the blue hue of the water-bearing cloud; your glorious exploits are capable of removing the miseries of the entire world; you are soft-spoken; you subdued the pride of INDRA by holding aloft the mountain; you have long eyes like the lotus petals. You take delight in the melodious SAMAGANA and you are most lovely.
You recline on the serpent; annihilate all the miseries of those who worship you; abode of virtues; you are the embodiment of consciouness, oh lord of universe; you have the gait of the king-elephant; worshipped by NARADA and others; you majestically reside in the ocean. Oh son of NANDA! You protected the king-elephant and you are the KALPAKA tree.

(Translation by Dr. T.K Govinda Rao)