Sl. No.203; Paahi tarakshupuraalaya; Aananda bhairavi; Aadi ; Keerthanam; Saanskrit.
Sri Ayamkudi Mani.
This Krithi is on Vaikom Sivan.

Oh dweller of TARAKUSHUPURALAYA (Vaikkam), of immaculate and wondrous fame, please protect me.
Oh most compassionate destroyer of TRIPURA-s, oh SIVA! Grant the opportunity to serve your feet.
With your third eye you reduced to ashes the moth like cupid. Your hands sport a battle axe and a deer. You are like the rain-bearing cloud to the great forest fire. You the unrivalled one, whose feet are beautiful like lotus. Like a bee, you hover around the lotus like face of PARVATI the daughter of the mountains. You are adorned with the skin of elephant. Praised by all universe, you are to the foes what peacock is to the serpents. Lord of the worlds, my you be victorious.
Your neck is adorned with the greatest of the serpents. Great sages like NARADA, SUKA and SANAKA attend you. You are comprehensible only to fortunate. Abode of divine qualities. Oh bestower of prosperity! Incessantly worshipped by BRAHMA, your eyes are beautiful like lotus, oh immortal one! Your lips are red like a bimba fruit, Dweller of the KAILASAGIRI, oh great god!
Dispenser of desired boons. One who has powerful arms, you are capable of wielding mountain MERU like a bow. You are the redeemer, who helps to cross the fearful ocean of existence. Destroyer of the demons who cause hardship to the celestials, your head is adorned with crescent moon. Like the sun removes the darkness you remove the miseries of those who worship you. Your abode is pleasant. You have the sacred bull as your mount. friend of KUBERA! Lord SANKARA! Always protect me.

(Translation by Dr. T.K Govinda Rao)