Sl. No.200; Paahi saure; Naata; Roopaka; Keerthanam; Saanskrit.
Artist: Dr. T. M. Bhavana.

Please protect me, SAURE! One who has GARUDA as the mount, Oh! PADMANABHA! Your feet are soft, ruddy and resemble the lotus.Your enchanting beautiful form excels that of Cupid. You are adorned with beautiful vermilion mark on your forehead.Oh! formidable one to the enemies! You bestow desired boons on your devotees. You skillfully destroyed demons like MURA and others with the discus in your hand.
Lord SARASAKSHA! Adorning innumerable jewels, you recline on the ocean, You protected GAJENDRA. Your form resembles the autumnal full moon. Lord you are the destroyer of all the blemishes.You are devoid of anger, and you nourish the celestials. JAGADISVARA! on your forehead shines the musk paste. You sport a beautiful smile and your teeth are like jasmine buds.
Oh DEVADEVA! You destroyed a host of demons. You cherish in the lotus hearts of the ascetics. The savior of the dejected, you are the repository of all great virtues. You wipe out the miseries of your devotees with your beautiful smile. Oh, supreme Lord! You vanquished demons like JAMBHA and DAMBHA. You are adored by SAMBHU-SIVA. Please bestow on me bountiful good fortune.
Oh! Lord VASUDEVA, You are adorned with VANAMALA! The ocean of mercy, Your feet is revered by PANDAVAs. You are adorned with splendid robes. You held aloft the mountain. Your checks are beautiful. You are the fountain head of this universe, the redeemer from the cycle of birth & death. Your beautiful eyebrows are thick and dark like rain bearing clouds. Please come and dwell in my heart without any reservation. Oh Lord with beautiful eyes.

(Translation by Dr. T.K Govinda Rao)