Sl. No.196; Paahi pankajanaabha; Asaaveri; Adi ; Keerthanam; Saanskrit.

Protect me PANKAJANABHA! You shine like the water-bearing cloud.
Your speech is soft and mellifluous. The enemy of serpents GARUDA is your vehicle; you are the bestower of boons and self restraint is your great ornament. Please bestow on me great prosperity, with my well being in mind and with your infinite compassion. You removed the obstacles of celestials; you recline on serpent and your eyes are like the lotus.
You allayed the fear of king elephant; you are adorned in golden raiment. You adorn conch and discus in your hands. By holding aloft the mountain, you subdued the pride of INDRA. You bestow auspiciousness to your devotees, as well as, refuge to celestials and sages. You are the remover of the dense fear caused by the cycle of birth & death and giver of happiness. You are the Lord of universe and praised by MAHESA-SIVA.
Your form excels the beauty of Cupid, you wear star-like bracelets, you generate happiness in the virtuous devotees. Your visages, adorning with KAUSTUBHA jewel is peerless. Oh Lord of celestials! Your virtues are praised by group of sages like SANAKA, BHRGU and others; your feet resemble lotus, sun and the moon are your eyes and you held aloft the great mountain.
You are the consort of SRILAKSHMI , you wield the bows called KARAMUKA and SARNGA. You destroyed the pride of demon KAITABHA. Your glory is sung world over, you are majestic like the ocean. You reside in sacred SYANANDURAPURA. Your lotus feet is like fire in burning the sins of your devotees. Your nose resembles sesame flower and your smile reminds the jasmine.

(Translation by Dr. T.K Govinda Rao)