Sl. No.194; Paahi maam srivageesvari; Kalyaani; Aadi ; Keerthanam; Saanskrit.
Sri Ayamkudi Mani.
This grand composition is sung in the 72nd Navarathri night.

Oh ! Goddess of speech, and queen of the worlds, protect me. Oh BHARATI! Give me your compassion. Give me the enlightenment that leads to happiness. OH Goddess of the form of immortal nectar! Do remove the darkness of the insurmountable desire. You are praised by the pure and the wise. you are decked with attractive golden bracelet. You shine in your snow white garment, with a book and rosary in your hands. You remove all fear and you are pure.
Oh SARADA! your locks put to shame, the lovely dark rain clouds. You are adept in giving happiness to your beloved BRAHMA. Your cheeks are spotlessly fair like pieces of mirror. You are worshipped by NARADA. You destroy the wicked sins. You are soft spoken and have long eyes like the lotus petals. You are the wish yielding creeper in fulfilling the desired boons of the devotees. Your bosom put to shame the forehead of the youthful elephant. Your hips are very narrow. May my hands and feet be employed in worshipping your feet.
Oh Goddess! You are smeared with fragrant AGARU, SANDAL and KASTURI. You purify the minds of those who worship your feet. Your attributes have been sung by DEVA lead by INDRA. You are sweet and lovely. Your gait is that of the King of elephants and the swan. Your gait is gentle and your smile is sweet. Remove the mass of sorrows from my mind in totality. I enshrine in my heart, your of lotus feet. You remove the inertial from my mind. You smile is so brilliant that it puts to shame the pride of the moon.
You are effulgent and are worshipped by SUKA, SANAKA, KAUSIKA and other RSHIs. You sport in the hearts of the poets who have great imagination. Your eyes proclaim VEDAs. You reside in the shining white lotus. You get delight from the festival of NARAVARATRI. The jewels worn by you conquers the beauty of the thunderbolt of INDRA. You are the embodiment of all the VEDAs. Please cool the mind of your devotees and always reside at the tip of my tongue happily. Oh! One who shines with peerless splendor, protect me.

(Translation by Dr. T.K Govinda Rao)