Sl. No.193; Paahi maam sripadmanaabha; Saaveri; Roopaka; Keerthanam; Saanskrit.

Oh PADMANABHA! Please protect me. You are affectionate to your devotees. Your exploits are peerless.
Oh VAHINISA SAYANA- one who reclines amidst the ocean!, please grant me all my wishes.
You destroyed the fear of GAJENDRA. You are worshipped by the beautiful, delicate smiling Cupid, INDRA and others. You are adorned with beautiful amulets and bangles. You are the supremely virtuous one. You are the ocean of compassion. You reside in the lotus hearts of NARADA and others. You annihilate heinous premordial ignorance. Your teeth resemble jasmine buds.
You enjoy the garland of wild flowers. You bestow on devotees their wishes. Your words are fascinating. Your tresses are dark. Your lotus- like face has noequal. You are worshipped by SIVA. You held aloft the mountain. Your eyes resemble the lotus. The beauty of your forehead puts to shame the crescent moon. Oh JANARDDANA!
You lessen the burden of Mother earth; you helped in destroying the wicked demons like MADHU and others. You are the personification of bliss. You are clad in shining golden robes. You hold a lotus and mace in your hands. You are the younger brother of BALARAMA. Your lips are soft and delicate. You are the beloved of the cowherd damsels. Your form is like dark clouds. You reside in SYANANDURAPURA.

(Translation by Dr. T.K Govinda Rao)