Sl. No.192; Paahi maam ayi; Devagaandhaari; Aadi ; Keerthanam; Saanskrit.
Dr B. Arundhathi.

Oh Lord MUKUNDA! Please protect me. You are KESAVA, whose eyes resemble the beautiful lotus and whose form is like the rain bearing clouds. I pray at your feet.
You destroyed the wicked demons in the battle field. You sportively took the human form, which is exceedingly beautiful being anointed with fragrant sandal paste. You are the sovereign of the whole universe.
Your teeth are brilliant like jasmine buds. You are the master of the celestials. Your rich tresses are adorned with fragrant flowers. You are full of adorable auspicious traits. You are attended on by sages like SUKA, BHRGU, NARADA and others. Your stately gait resembles that of an elephant in his prime. You are to the YOGIs what the bees are to the lotus flower. You held in place the mountain MANDARA. You are fond of your devotees; adored by BRAHMA and MAHADEVA.
Your visage is like the moon, Oh brave one! You are the brother of BALADEVA. You bestow boons to your devotees and is the enemy of the demon MURA. Your neck shines beautifully with VANAMALA flower farmland. You are the refuge of distressed. You reduce the burden of the earth. You are Cupid in the eyes of cowherd damsels. You have destroyed JARASANDHA and the great serpent KALIYA. You have the moon and the sun for eyes. Oh eternal Lord! You are the shining jewel of the YADU clan. You are adorned with brilliant yellow raiment.
Oh GOPALA! Your forehead shines with fragrant musk paste. Oh protector of the whole world! You are the wish-yielding tree to your devotees. You are the ocean of incomparable valour. You dispelled the miseries of INDRA. You are adorned with the divine crown. Your mellifluous voice is sweeter than nectar. Your lips are red like BIMBA fruit. You gave joy to your devotees through the RASA KRIDA. Oh Lord of LAKSHMI! Oh Lord JALAJANABHA! The supreme one! Please protect me.

(Translation by Dr. T.K Govinda Rao)