Sl. No.188; Paahi jagajjanani; Hamsaanandhi; Aadi ; Keerthanam; Saanskrit.
Trivandrum K. Krishnakumar.
This has in recent times been popularized by Madurai T N Seshagopalan.

Oh Mother of the universe! Grace me with your glance from your lotus like eyes. Kindly protect me.
You are the daughter of the ocean. Give me happiness and give me the chance to serve you. Oh RAME the repository of beauty!
Your face is lovely like the autumnal moon. You shine with glowing jewels. You are worshipped by RSHIs like NARADA, SAUNAKA, GAUTAMA, AGASTYA and KAUSIKA. You give abundant happiness to those who bow at your lotus feet. Your body is lustrous like gold. Oh Mother! Protect me without delay . You are fragrant with lovely flowers. You are more beautiful than lotus. You are flawless and you are full of excellence.
You shine with your lovely smile. Your crescent moon like forehead is framed with curly locks. Your gait is like that of an elephant-king. Your garment mocks at gold. Always live in my heart. You protect the YADAVA dynasty. Your bosoms are lovely like golden jars. The garlands you wear have no equal. You are the root cause for all desires. You are KAMALA. You delight HARI.
Your beauty has no equal. You are the KALPAKA tree to your sincere devotees. You are AMBIKA. Your feet shine from the radiant crowns of these noble ones who bow at them. You are the goddess of the three worlds. Your nose excels in beauty, the sesame flower. You are the spouse of PADMANABHA. Your curly locks are dark like fresh rain clouds. You dwell in lotus. You are full of compassion. Your glory is sung by RSHI-s who encompass you.

(Translation by Dr. T.K Govinda Rao)