Sl. No.182; Nanda suta; Kurinji; Jhampa; Keerthanam; Saanskrit.
Dr. K. Omanakutty.

Oh son of NANDA! You took birth in the Moon dynasty. OH the lord of the worlds! The whole world sings your glory. You are the beloved of Goddess LAKSHMI and mother Earth.
An embodiment of bliss to the celestials, revered by the ascetics PARAMAHAMSAs you are of infinite form; your form resembles the dark clouds which roar past.
You took the incarnation on the venerable ASTAMI eighth day after full moon when the moon was in conjunction with the star rhino-ROHINI, at midnight while the guards and the wicked KAMSA were fast asleep.
When the clear waters of the river YAMUNA was swirling with waves and when the fragrance of the blue lotus was carried by the breeze in all directions, You were born.
When you took form, the celestials showered divine flowers from the heavenly canopy and thre was great joy in the pure hearts of venerable sages.
Your form is beautiful like dark clods. You are KESAVA! Lord ABJANABHA, when you took incarnation DEVAKI and VASUDEVA were full of joy and praise.

(Translation by Dr. T.K Govinda Rao)