Sl. No.178; Naagasayananaam; Pantuvaraali; Aadi ; Utsavaprabhandam; Malayaalam.
Dr K. Omanakutty.
Refers to the Araat Procession.

On the concluding day, the Lord, PADMANABHA, with other deities like NARASIMHA and the cloud hued KRSHNA, the beloved of cowherds, set out for the holy dip in the ocean.
Will any one be able to describe this celebration of the Lord's procession to the sea with soldiers standing in attention on both sides, from the west side of the temple to the sea.
While the brahmin group comes with utmost eagerness to worship the Lord's feet, the other devotees walk slowly carrying flags and royal insignias;
With the music from different instruments like flute, NAGASVARAM, KAHALAM etc. and, with the sound of BHERI kettle drum on the elephant reverberates in all the directions.
While the horses of high breed gallop like the waves of the ocean, the brave ones walk with excitement in front of Lord SRIPATI carrying weapons like sword and shield.
While the ladies with honeyed speech carry varied lamps and follow the moon faced Lord, the singers with sweet voice sing melodious songs without any reservation.
While the beautiful dancers are delightfully seated on the magnificent mansions, the high quality gems adorned by Lord PADMANABHA radiates the sky with attractive colours.
While the Lord re-enters the temple with delight after the holy dip, lot of brahmins with fervent devotion worship His effulgent feet.

(Translation by Dr. T.K Govinda Rao)