Sl. No.174; Mohanam thava; Mohanam; Aadi ; Keerthanam; Saanskrit
Prof Neyyattinkara Mohanachandran

Oh Lord AMBUJANABHA! Your form is enchanting, Oh the annihilator of the demon MURA! Your sporting with my heart gives me immense bliss.
Your body embellishes with the fine paste of sandal HARICANDANA; You are like the bee to the lotus faces of SRIDEVI and BHUDEVI; oh the conqueror of MURA! You are majestic as the vast ocean and dispeller of the miseries of those who worship you.
Your glory is sacred; Your eyes resemble the lotus; you excel Cupid in grace; with face like moon, Oh Lord You are to the demons MADHU & KAITABHA what the wild fire is to the forest. One who vanquished the wicked serpent KALIYA. You are worshipped by gods, demons and semi-gods (VIDYADHARAs) and one who is like the celestial tree in fulfilling the wishes of hapless.
You are, surrounded by the cowherds; having the most charming smile; one who exterminated with anger the fierce demon SAKATA. You are the remover of sins; dispeller of the pains of animate and inanimate beings; the brother of BALADEVA. One who gave comfort to DHARMATMAJA -YUDHISHTIRA the gem among the kings; one who reduced the burden of the earth and You are the star of YADU dynasty.
Oh The Lord of earth! Your form is of bluish hue; You held aloft the mount in hand; the vanquisher of SISUPLALA; adorned with golden attire; forehead adorned with camphor; one whose melody is clear and sweet; worshipped by SIVA and INDRA; father of love and the dispeller of the woes caused by KALI.

(Translation by Dr. T.K Govinda Rao)