Sl. No.169; Manasi madana taapam; Surutti; Aadi ; Padam; Malayaalam.
Dr K. Omanakutty.

Oh MANINI! The flame of love goes on increasing!
Your slender waist is bent due to the heaviness of golden pot-like bosom. KAMALANABHA is witness to this. Oh friend with sweet voice!
My mind wanders like a deer afflicted by arrows of Cupid. I am totally overwhelmed on seeing you?
It seems as if, my mind is confused having fallen from the heights of your bosom resembling Himalayan peaks. Should I be gazing at your moon like brilliant face or should I steal a glance at your navel?
The breeze is wafting gently with fragrance. The sun is setting in the ocean. Your teeth are like jasmine buds. Do discard your unreasonable anger. Come to me at once with your gentle smile resembling the moon light and quench my thirst for desire, oh VILASINI!

(Translation by Dr. T.K Govinda Rao)