Sl. No.156; Maamava jagadisvara; Sarasvati manohari; Aadi ; Keerthanam; Saanskrit.
Trivandrum K. Krishnakumar.
Poor quality of Audio regretted

Oh suzerain of the universe, consort of beautiful PARVATI! protect me.
Savior of the entire world, bestower of boons to those who take refuge at your feet, you have a charming side glance.
Worshipped by INDRA and a host of celestials; your beautiful feet surpasses the elegance of lotus; protect me, your beautiful neck is decked with the garland of lustrous gems. You process beautiful and attractive form. Please grant me well-being.
You have a forehead adorned with crescent moon; your divine mount is Sacred bull; you have a lovely form like that of Cupid; you are surrounded by hounds; you are the embodiment of compassion; destroyer of MALLA the wicked demon; possessing eyes like the lotus petal. Please dwell in my heart.
Your glorious attributes are sung by sage NARADA; you absolve the heinous sins of those who surrender at your feet; you are adorned by the sister of SARASANABHA; you are an incomparable one with a gentle smile. You are canoe to cross the ocean of cycle of birth & death.

(Translation by Dr. T.K Govinda Rao)