Sl. No.151; Krishna karuna kada; Aananda bhairavi; Aadi ; Keerthanam; Saanskrit.

Oh KRSHNA! When will I have your mercy? Oh the embodiment of compassion! Effulgent as the rain cloud!
I am fascinated by the mirage of worldly tendencies.
I am afflicted by enemies like lust. I am imprisoned in the SAMSARA; tied by the sight of the ladies around me. How can I fix my mind on Thee? Oh the supreme Lord who removes all the afflictions of the worldly life.
You know very well all my burden of sorrows. You are the witness to all the thoughts in my mind, yet I am informing you because of my unbearable sorrow. Oh giver of boons! Except you who is my refuge? I am like the young CATAKA bird which will drink only the rain water from the cloud. Oh victorious!
May not my birth become purposeless, as you are the essence of every thing. Let me dedicate myself to thy service. Don't make it useless, Human birth is difficult to get, and you are the source of all excellences and are worshipped by all DEVAs.
Even BRAHMA and others are unable to understand the truth about you. So, I prostrate myself before you, who are reclining on ADISESHA. May I be able to see always your form, which is like a million CUPIDs.

(Translation by Dr. T.K Govinda Rao)