Sl. No.148; Kripaa kataaksham; Mohanam; Jhampa; Keerthanam; Saanskrit.
Note: this krithi is on Panchanadeeswara, Thiruvayyar.

Oh Lord! Except you which other god will glance their compassion on me?
I am always tossed by the three great miseries-TAPATRAYA of mankind. Oh PANCANADISVARA!.
How will I cross and reach the other side of the ocean of life, when I am ignorant about the scriptures. If I repeatedly think of accumulating property, children, wife, wealth and other belongings in this life, I feel meaningless and feel like initiating into SANYASA. To subdue the desires and debate about the life and also to know the secrets of great truth, generosity and discrimination, I take refuge unto your lotus feet.
One who is always worshipped and is known through the scriptures; when I am always praising you and worshipping you, who except you will reduce my burden and give me refuge? Come to my close proximity, accept me and wipe off my miseries. Avoiding all the meaningless arguments, I am always meditating upon you in my heart as the cause for everything and source of my fortune; the one worshipped by SANAKA and others; the supreme being! The ultimatum! You are the only one whom I have always been waiting for.
The one praised by BRAHMA; glorified by people of great virtues; depended by the devotees; obliged to universe; one who has the power of bestowing the capacity to lead life. Relieve me from my body, mind and intellect. Your blissful supreme form is very vivid to me. You are the one who removes all my dangers, worthy of being praised by music; oh lord! GAURINAYAKA! INDUSEKHARA! I am always waiting for you to quickly grant me all these.

(Translation by Dr. T.K Govinda Rao)