Sl. No. 146; Kintu cheyvu njaan; Kalyaani; Aadi ; Padam; Malayaalam
Dr. T.M. Bhavana.

What can I do today, oh my dear KIRAVANI-having parrot like speech.
My beloved SRI PADMANABHA has not turned up!
All the fragrant soft flowers prick me like thorn, increasing my unbearable agony of passion. Oh VIDHUVADANE!-The moon faced! Oh SUBHARADANE!-Having beautiful teeth! Oh GUNSADANE!-Embodiment of virtues! Oh MRGANAYANE!- Doe eyed.
Oh NIRAJAKSHI! I remain sleepless. There is no concern for SUMASARA- the CUPID! HIMAKARA! MAMAVARA!-My Lord! Does it matter to him.
Please tell him immediately my agony, of spending the time always thinking about my beloved. Oh SUNDARI! Don't be lethargic. Oh virtuous! Don't betray me.

(Translation by Dr. T.K Govinda Rao)