Sl. No.139; Kanaka mayamaayitum; Huseni; Aadi; Utsavaprabhandam; Malayaalam.
Artist: Dr. B. Arundhathi.

Oh! Who could be marching in procession with such grandeur in the effulgent golden lotus-vehicle?
Is it INDRA who annihilated the demon VALA, with all his retinue? If it is INDRA, where are his sparkling thousand eyes?
Oh friend KALABHAGATE- having the gait of an elephant! Or, is it the refreshing moon, who is roaming around with compassion? If so, where is the the stain mark on him?
Or, is it Lord SIVA, the beloved of GAURI? If so, where is third eye?
Or, is it the SUN lord with his dazzling brilliance, tell me oh my dear? If so, how is that he is tranquil?
Oh TARITTEN MOZHI BALE- the companion having a mellifluous voice! If he is the KUBERA the lord of wealth, then he would be horribly deformed, so, no doubt, he has to be Lord NIRAJANABHA.

(Translation by Dr. T.K Govinda Rao)