Sl. No.138; Kamini mani; Poorvi kaambhoji; Aadi; Padam; Malayaalam.

Nayika: O KAMINIMANI! Dear friend! To day why is your face sweating like this? Tell!!!
Sakhi:I sweat due to the rays of sun.
Nayika: Oh the one, with eyes like the young deer! Why your both the eyes are reddish?
Sakhi: Alas! May be due to the harsh words of the beloved one.
Why is your hair which is always beautiful as dark clouds look untidy?
Sakhi: The fresh gentle breeze has made my hair untidy.
Nayika: Why the KUNKUMA on your forehead is disturbed? Oh KOKILAVANI!
Sakhi: Oh PANKAJAKSHI! My upper garment might have rubbed over it.
Nayika: Tell me the reason as why you are looking tired?
Sakhi: It is due to my wandering here and there
Nayika: Oh MANINI! What ever you spoke may be true. But now listen to my words, oh the one with marvelous unparallel form!
However it is, you must have united with the charming SRI PADMANABHA and that is why there are marks in your lips!

(Translation by Dr. T.K Govinda Rao)