Sl. No.135; Kamala jaasya hrita; Raagamaalika ; Aadi; Keerthanam; Saanskrit.
<Sangita Bharathi>/Dr K. Omanakutty.
This raga malika describes the 10 incarnations of Vishnu in the following ragas: Mohanam, Bilahari, Dhanyasi, Saranga, Madhyamavathi, Atana, Natakurunji, Darbar, Anandabhairavi and Saurashtram.

One who incarnated as MATSYA-the form of Fish and annihilated the demon AYAGRIVA, who stole the VEDAs from the face of BRAHMA, Oh Virtuous lord! protect me!
You incarnated as KURMA-the form of Tortoise and held in place the mountain MANDARA and having the celestials who are in ecstasy, consuming the nectar-churned from the ocean of milk.
You incarnated as VARAHA the form of Boar, protected the earth by annihilating the HIRANYAKSHA. Oh the creator of Universe!
You incarnated as fierce NARASIMHA the form of Lion, protected the child PARAHLADA and annihilated the HIRANYAKASIPU and gave joy to the pious devotees.
You incarnated as VAMANA the form of a dwarf, subdued the pride of the egoistic MAHABALI and protected the virtuous.
You incarnated as PARASURAMA, with the pointed axe held in your hand, learnt unlimited scriptures from SIVA and was a threat to the enemies.
You incarnated as RAMA, the gem of MANU dynasty, a threat to the cruel RAVANA like the storm to the clouds and invincible in the battle field.
You incarnated as BALARAMA, fascinated the people of HASTINAPURA by tilling with your plough, vanquished the dreadful demon PRALAMBA and the most courageous.
You incarnated as KRSHNA, the most praiseworthy, engaged in amorous sports at BRNDAVANA, oh BALAGOPALA!
You are to be incarnated as KALKI in this age, your form is as effulgent as the dark clouds, oh PADMANABHA! Please protect me.

(Translation by Dr. T.K Govinda Rao)