Sl. No.131; Kalaye devadevam; Ranjini; Jhampa; Keerthanam; Saanskrit.
<Sangitha Bharathi>; Dr K. Omanakutty.
Note: This song is originally in Malahari, but was tuned to Ranjini by Violinist Sri Chalkkudi Narayana Swami and is popular today in that raga.

Oh Mind! do meditate on the lord of lords, the repository of infinite compassion.
INDRA and others always worship you.
Your head is adorned with beautiful and varied gem studded crown. Your tresses are fragrant with flowers. Your forehead resembles the crescent moon, your brows are like the bows of Cupid, and shining eyes like the large lotus petals.
The loveliness of your nose excels that of the flower of sesame. Your cheeks glow by the reflection of your ear rings. Your lips resemble the ruddy hued BIMBA fruit, you have jasmine bud like teeth and broad smile.
Your beautiful neck is adorned with KAUSTUBHA jewel and your broad and sinewy hands are beautiful with amulets. The peerless SRIVATSA shines on your chest. You are HARI the benefactor of those who seek refuge in you. You hold the whole universe in your stomach.
The four-faced BRAHMA resides in the lotus arising out of your navel. Exquisitely beautiful yellow silk adorns your waist. You have strong legs. Oh one with dainty feet! You lift people from the worldly attachments as you lifted the MANDARA mountains in KURMAVATARA.
Your reposeful posture of reclining on the serpent is ever fascinating. You sport weapons like conch, discus, bows and mace in your hands. You are the Lord of mother earth and Goddess RAMA. You have the glory of destroying the miseries. You saved GAJENDRA. Oh Lord PADMANABHA! The supreme being!

(Translation by Dr. T.K Govinda Rao)