Sl. No. 13; Alam anagha; Reethi Gaula; Jhampa; Padam; Saanskrit.

Enough of the delaying, oh the pure one! Alas! Your beloved is being afflicted by unlimited arrows of Cupid. Do console her, oh AMBURUHANAYANA the lotus eyed!
She is lying on the couch which is made very cool by the rays of the moon. She is hapless. Her innate courage shattered, she is wallowing. She is crying aloud. Her body has become very thin. Every night thinking about you, she excessively laments. That poor young maiden!
Once in a way she enters the house. She has become frail due to her emotional desires. During the night, she is weeping to be caressed by you.
Even the gentle and fragrant breeze whiling around is like the poisonous breath emitted from the face of the king of serpent. She does not enjoy the musk and KUNKUMA that adorns her. She, the doe eyed one, has lost all her happiness.
Listen to my words! Oh the personification of virtues! Give pleasure to your beloved. Oh the one who has the form like that of moon! Oh SRI PADMANABHA! This is the right time to go. Whatever mood she is in, she will feel very much delighted if you unite with her.

(Translation by Dr. T.K Govinda Rao)